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In 2007, a student at the University of Edinburgh was asked by a friend to create a training programme to help improve his golf. His response was, “I know absolutely nothing about training golfers, but I will find out everything I can.” 

The student was Alex Woods and his friend just happened to be a young tour player, who was doing everything he could to up his game. The stumbling block on the road to success was finding the right method to improve his physical performance. 

Back then, there was nothing of this nature available in the UK for golfers who wanted to train for their sport. The only option was to take training programmes tailored for other sports and make them fit a very different purpose. 


Alex and his team provide strength and conditioning programmes to players of all ages and abilities. From giving juniors as young as five the physical base they need for a lifetime of golf, all the way up to coaching Ryder Cup winners. The company has expanded from training players in their living rooms to providing state of the art, purpose-built facilities for athletes. 

Golf Fit trainers are regarded as ‘the experts’ in all aspects of golf fitness. No other organisation in the UK dedicates as much time to training golfers, making them the leaders in the field by a long drive.


Our philosophy is simple:

“Your golf can only be as good as your body allows it to be. By identifying weaknesses in mobility, stability, balance or power we can then design and implement your individual program to target these areas. This enables your golf swing to become more efficient and effective.


Our unique training systems have helped golfers to:

  • Play in Ryder Cups

  • Hit the Ball Longer and straighter

  • Play pain-free rounds following injury


Since Golf Fit Ltd was established in 2007 we have grown into the UK’s biggest and best sport specific fitness company. Our multi-facility and full time team are dedicated to helping players develop their movement skills, thus improving their performance and elevating their enjoyment of the game of golf.

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