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At Braid Hills Golf Centre we help golfers unleash their potential.  Our newly installed Trackman Range Technology is all about exciting, easy-to-use applications that provide the ultimate range experience for every golf at every level.  Including practice, games and virtual golf. 


Our sole focus here at Braid Hills Golf Centre is the golfer of any age and ability. Our practice range featuring 42 floodlit bays, the best practice mats and golf balls available ensuring their practice time with us benefits their game.  By becoming familiar on the range how far the 7 iron travels with what level of dispersion can then translate to the golf course.




trackman 6.png






The best players in the world use them and now you can too! The app coverts range ball data into premium ball data, ensuring your practice session is as realistic as the course itself! Take a look at amount of data that is available for you to analyse and increase your potential.



Start your TrackMan range journey NOW by downloading the app to your Apple or Android device. The app syncs with our 27″ touchscreens too. Remember to log in when you arrive and let the fun begin. You can then analyse your results from your own device when you return home.


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